Our exhibit, The Hanford Photographs, is moving along nicely.  Most of the photographs have been printed (the details in some of them are just fantastic!), and Alan Rowe, our Collections Manager, is taking the measurements of the Feed Mill exhibit space and making decisions on presentation.  As we were going over the list of images to include in the show, however, we discovered that we may have left one of the most interesting photos out: an image that Horace Hanford took around 1915 that shows, of all things, a troup of dancing bears that performed at the Rexmere Hotel in Churchill Park, in Stamford, NY!  Horace would sometimes take his camera with him to events such as fireman’s parades, excursions to Otsego Lake, and the like, but this image caught our eye for obvious reasons.  We need to do more research, but if anyone reading this post knows more about these kinds of events in the region, feel free to “bear” your information here!